The next big thing in crypto is here & it generates you income while you sleep

The next big thing in the crypto world is here. This time you won’t miss out.
Even better, you can take part in it right now. Wonder what it is?
We are talking about the security tokens that pay crypto dividends on a monthly basis.
Here’s how it works and what to watch out for.

It’s not a well known fact by now that the traditional financial markets are outdated and crypto is the topic everyone seems to get more and more interested in. But there’s one thing that still makes it tempting to enter the conservative financial market: the traditional concept of owning stocks that pay dividends – an uncomplicated opportunity to make money in your sleep.

We know we cannot afford just to let our savings sit in the bank account – they literally devalue every day. Therefore we look for answers, how to make our own money work for us.

The new hot girl on the block: crypto dividends

What most people see when they think of crypto is either a time-consuming process of holding cryptocurrencies until their prices significantly increase or constantly trading coins depending on their performance trying to make profits from price differences.
But did you know there’s a way of generating additional income in the crypto world that is not that well known yet? 

There is a good reason why so few do it – it is one hell of a task to set everything up, get approved, regulated and obviously it costs a lot of money and time.

But once it’s ready, it’s a golden goose case.

This is what DXone did – it took them two years to set up a business that used the standard financial market dividend model and adopted it to the crypto world.
The result – dividends paying regulated security tokens. This is how that works.

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Directly profit from a crypto company’s success – it’s easy like that

You may have read on how to earn dividends already, but make sure to get it right. If you have found your way into crypto trading, then you are probably already familiar with holding and trading different types of coins. It’s one thing to hold and trade different coins but you shouldn’t confuse the term dividends with price increases of specific coins or rewards gained from participating in staking projects.

This has nothing to do with what we are talking about here.

Dividends are part of the company’s profit that are distributed to the company’s shareholders. The innovative crypto platform DXone transfers this model from the traditional financial market to the crypto world by offering tokens that pay dividends.

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How does it work? Passively generate earnings while the others trade

DXone created a regulated, tokenised security asset that acts as a company share – DX1S token. It is a security token that has been approved from the Liechtenstein’s Financial Market Authority (FMA) and has a prospectus. Thus, DX1S is a transparent crypto investment, an easy way to complement your traditional investment portfolio. 

The ownership of DX1S grants you a part of 25% of all revenue generated by the company. The resulting dividends are provided via monthly payments in the same cryptocurrencies in which the fees were collected directly to the investors dashboard.

How are such fees generated?
These are the trading fees that are applied to every trade made on DXone’s cryptocurrency exchange. When a trader places a new order and it is executed, a small fee is collected. All trading fees make up the company’s revenue.

That’s how you can make DX1S part of an additional source of income and automatically build a broad portfolio of the platform’s most traded crypto currencies.

This idea has been developed by pro traders and crypto experts – the experienced team behind DXone that knows exactly what kind of innovation is needed and useful in the crypto world. 

You can directly profit from the crypto hype since it leads to constant growth and usage of the DXone cryptocurrency exchange.  

And one more thing: the security token DX1S will always have a value that is determined by how the company is doing. You not only earn dividends from simply holding the tokens, but also the token itself is an asset that can increase or fall in price.

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So, can you earn while other pros trade? You most definitely can.  

Take your chance and get on board. Now is the time to get in and profit from the massive crypto hype, because the others are already collecting monthly dividends. The payouts started in December 2020.

When you are holding DX1S tokens you will directly benefit from the growth of the industry and accordingly of the platform too.

If you want to find out more about the company behind DX1S, visit DXone 


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