Friday, May 7 2021

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Remember the Bitcoin Family? Here’s what happened to the man that decided to go all in on crypto…

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New study reveals what 20-35 year olds are investing in. Number 5 will surprise you!

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Top 8 beginner mistakes to avoid when buying crypto

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Top 8 beginner mistakes to avoid when buying crypto

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The next big thing in crypto is here & it generates you income while you sleep

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Tiger Woods: Back – unseen footage documents the rise, fall and comeback of golfing star

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Why pop stars are having prosthetic makeovers

Apple buys a company every three to four weeks

Clubhouse: What is it and how do you get invited?

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Chinese £3,200 budget electric car takes on Tesla

Facebook and Google news law passed in Australia

Spy agency turns to AI to tackle child abuse

UK 4G smartphone owners may be due £480m payout

China approves two more domestic COVID-19 vaccines, increasing number to four

US Education Department promotes putting student records on blockchain

Crypto Crime on the Rise – Good Odds of 2020 Becoming a Record-Breaker

As Visa and Mastercard raise fees, merchants may look to crypto

4 Useful Bitcoin Wallets of 2021

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A 2010 Bitcoin Whale Moves 100 BTC For The First Time In 11 Years

Ethereum on track to settle $1.6 trillion this quarter

Indian Billionaire Says He Won’t Buy Bitcoin

Coinbase has held Bitcoin on its balance sheets since 2012

UK PM Johnson says optimistic about fully reopening in June

Some common-cold antibodies may help fight COVID-19; vaccine side effects could hamper mammograms

English survey finds high antibody levels from Pfizer vaccine roll-out

Musk no longer world’s richest man after Tesla and Bitcoin slump

‘Immense joy’ as Senegal begins public vaccine distribution

Germany bans Salafist Muslim group

Dubai’s Latifa urged UK police to reopen sister’s kidnap case, BBC reports

EU leaders meet to speed up vaccine rollout in race against variants

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Special Report: In Germany’s Black Forest, Putin critic Navalny gathered strength and resolve

Vice President Harris urges Black Americans: ‘Let’s not let COVID get us’

Biden revokes Trump bans on many green card applicants, temporary foreign workers

Biden CIA nominee Burns to focus on ‘authoritarian adversary’ China

Virtual work parties: the good, the bad and the plain peculiar